Google Maps on the Fascinate

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    I went to the local Verizon store today to check out the Fascinate and they had 2 on display. The first one I looked at already had google maps installed but the second one didn't.
    Just out of curiosity i opened up the market to look for google maps on the one that didn't have it since someone else was playing with the phone that had Maps and I wanted to check it out.
    Well, much to my surprise Google Maps was not listed in the market. I went and looked at the other phone again and verified that Maps was on it and went back to the original phone to search for it again and it did not show in the market again.
    I was very confused by this so I got the salesman over to try to figure things out. He had no idea and got one of the tech guys to come over. The tech guy spent 10-15 minutes going from phone to phone and even he couldn't figure it out.
    Eventually he found Google Maps but not in the search. Once he had the market open he went to apps/all apps/top free and found it there.
    Why would it not show in the search but show under the apps list? This was a lot of aggrevation for something that should have been very simple.
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    Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the good stuff, the Fascinate not being a Google Device might have been a factor too
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