Google Maps off by 2017 miles or so!

Discussion in 'Android Applications Discussions' started by Palmyra, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Just North of Columbus Ohio
    Stock Bionic with latest updates.

    :angry: My G Maps has me located in a Las Vagus parkinglot. That would be nice but I'm in Central Ohio, just north of Columbus, and have not been to LV for years. The problem is random in that on some activations Maps starts in LV but after a few seconds moves to where I am. Other times it opens in LV and does not change so I have to do it manually. Maps VERY VERY seldom opens where I am at the time. G Earth and Weather Bug's maps work fine. Local/points are also off, having in LV at times.

    I've tried every combination of the three "Location" setting to no avail. The app GPS Status has my location be down to within .00X second every time I check.

    I've pulled the battery and let the phone sit for 30 minutes or so with no luck. Reloading Maps did not help.

    Any ideas??????