Google editions are perfect but not yet

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    Finally it seems like the oems have listened to the crowd and gave us what we want. I have been on the side of the people wanting another Google edition device since I had my og droid. Nexus devices were ok but there seemed to be more quality control issues vs an oem flagship device. The nexus phones Google took all the blame and hit so if it sunk the manufacturer took no hit. But a flagship device is the manufacturer's stamp, this is the device that will get people fired. So you had less quality control issues or you lost customers. So to have a flagship device with pure Google software is the best of both worlds..... almost. This now put a bullseye on Google's head as the software is now put to the true test. There have been this back and forth debate whether manufacturer's skins and software took away from the experience. Now it looks like the manufacturer is winning as we are seeing how their software enhanced sound and picture quality. But this is great because it will give Google's software engineers time to catch up and bring the software up to code. And about time my upgrade comes due (close to this time next year) I'll get a Google experienced device whose software rivals the manufacturer's software, provided they continue the trend of Google experience devices.

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