Google Doodle On Your Device Home Screen!

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    The Google Doodle is like a Modern Day Art Gallery which is updated on a daily basis. It brings life to an otherwise bland and maybe even dated google logo. The Google team puts lots of thought and energy into decorating the Google logo to remind us of holiday events, Social causes, and sometimes neat games that celebrate moments in history or the birthday of famous people. Most of us will never see these little gems unless they are so ingenius that they are picked up by the news. These days a lot of our searching is done from the google search bar widget or the address bar in the browser.

    Developer "Emprise" has created a way for you to enjoy these Google Doodles from the Home screen of your device. He has created an app "CodeG" which will bring the google doodle in the form of a widget or in your drop down notification bar. With the app you can alos search, explore older google doodles, share the doodle via facebook, and more! Grab this app from the source link below.

    Via XDA
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