Google Dominates the Top 10 List of Smartphone Apps for 2013

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    The latest Nielsen ratings has an interesting list regarding smartphone apps this year. According to their findings between January 2013 to October 2013, five of the top ten smartphone apps where all Google products/services. Facebook, unsurprisingly had the number one app with over 100+ Million users, but numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 were all Google apps including Google Search, Google Play, Youtube, Google Maps and Gmail, in that order.

    There were some other perhaps more surprising details from this study. Both Instagram and Apple Maps have risen dramatically and are now included in spots 7 and 8 of this list. Some additional facts gleaned from this study indicate that smartphone penetration rose to 65% of mobile subscribers in America by October 2013. This was only at 56% at the beginning of the year. Additionally, Android now accounts for 52% of the smartphone market in the U.S. while iOS accounts for 41%.

    Also, on a separate list from Nielsen, Google is the top web brand, edging out Facebook by 30 Million users. Yahoo is in third, and MSN/WindowsLive/Bing is a close fourth.

    For more data, check out the source link below. In the mean-time share which of these apps you use the most?

    Source: Nielsen