Goodbye LiquidSmoothROMS (a small thank you letter).

Discussion in 'Liquid' started by nssone, Nov 28, 2011.

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    OK, I know a few people have done this before on here, so I hope I don't look lame for doing it also. But I feel it is still necessary to do so since I really appreciate what it took for Liquid to have made these ROMs.

    I really enjoyed using the Liquid ROMs on my OG Droid. I started with an early LFY version. I really liked the smoothness of the ROM. Keeping up with the updates was a bit of pain, but I guess I can't that is truly a bad thing when you take into account that actually meant it was constantl being worked on and improved. I actually couldn't update my LGB install as quickly as I would have liked.

    Not long ago my OG Droid started acting up. Slowing down and hen the touch screen was starting to fail. I had not extended my warranty on my phone since I was out of cash at the time I needed to. And just last night, while bar tending, a customer was getting drunk and belligerent and spilled her beer all over the bar and onto my phone sitting on a counter under the bar. I thought I had gotten away from it OK but when I tried using my phone, the screen went dead. And today it no longer even tries to boot up. It appears to be about 99.8347% bricked using the latest scientifically developed methods to test whether or not a cell phone is dead, which I found in a set of Encyclopedia Britannica book from 1967.

    Also, I am becoming fed up with Verizon's billing and service. I no longer want to deal with them. My brother works for AT&T and has been a customer with them for many years, so I finally decided to jump ship. Besides, there is no longer any focus on having decent phones on their service for reasonable prices. Everything is all about the new MotoDroid or the iPhone.

    With all that said, earlier tonight I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket. It looks to me to be one of the best phones on the market for a while. Although I will miss the lack of physical keyboard, I can't find anything about the phone I would be unhappy with. The only other phone I would think about getting would be the Xperia Play since I am an avid gamer, but that may be a better choice to buy as a standalone device.

    OK I rambled on longer than I expected. But I will keep an eye on Liquid ROMs just in the off chance there could be a Liquid Skyrocket ROM.

    Once again, thank you for all your hard work LiQuId!
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