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    I have two great Droid versus Iphone events. I am a pilot for an airline and here are the events:

    First time we were in MSP and we were eating lunch and the captain and I were talking and he was thinking about moving to Texas and be based out of New York. Well he decided he wanted to see how many direct flights between the two airports daily. I sat there with my droid in my pocket and watched him for about a minute and a half. He first said he had no signal and then he was grumbling about something else. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled out my phone. In 20 seconds I told him there were two flights a day on such airline and such times.

    The second one was in DTW. First I noticed that he was hooking up a battery charger from brookstone every leg and then was charging the charger as well. The droid battery isn’t that bad! The captain needed to get a hold of dispatch about weather and we were sitting in the cockpit while the passengers were boarding and he said his phone kept on beeping at him every time he tried to call. I told him he could use my phone. He said he would try his one more time and to no avail. I ended up calling dispatch and gave him my phone for the conversation. Just thought we needed some good Droid news out there.
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    hahaha nice stories
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