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    Hi, I have a serious problem with my Motorola RAZR XT910, when I'm using the browser or even chrome the backspace button will cause the letters from the last word to be deleted and then put all into the beginning of the next words, for example (hello how are you), if I backspaced that sentence and rewrote it, it would come out like this (heullo hyoow ayur yuuou), also my screen jumps about 2-5 mm to the right, and up when in landscape, rogers told me that its going to cost a fortune to send it away for diagnostics but when I plug it into my computer my music and contacts etc. are lost for a week or so then it all comes back, I have plenty of room deleted all game apps, and even now have a paid version of a Norton anti-virus, just in case. I'm getting very flustered at this phone and I may "BREAK" it just so I can buy myself a new one even if it's going to cost me a fortune, please help this is my last chance to home fix before I flip.