Going overseas, anything i need to know about my phone so Verizon doesnt own me?

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    Currently, I have the OG Moto-Droid. I'm leaving for Taiwan tomorrow and I have not been overseas in.....well probably 8 years.

    So my question is....obviously its not going to work on the network there. But is there anything i need to know to make sure i dont get charged some ridiculous fee for turning my phone on there?

    If possible, id like to be able to at least turn my phone on and use the browser / play games / listen to music...basically everything my phone can do ... minus the 3g and call service.

    While im at it, are there any apps that are good for going overseas? Name any that come to mind... games / utilities.. etc

    Oh! one last question. Can i use google gps....or any type of gps while in taiwan? say if i have wifi?

    any replies are much appreciated!
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