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    Hi everyone, newbie here. Been through the past couple of posts to see if I could find an answer to my problem but not having much luck.
    Received messages that a connection error had occurred for my 2 gmail accounts only. Manually re-entered passwords on both, would work for about 30 seconds then same message. Removed accounts one at a time then added them back, did this about 3 times. Now the inbox will say I have no messages until I hit refresh button, then all my emails, from days ago, come pouring in at one time bogging down the system. I can only read about 20% of them because the inbox is trying to catch up with the amount coming in. Mail will then halt again only for the process to be repeated. This is only occurring on the email app, the gmail app is fine but only shows one account. My msn account is also fine. I'm probably just missing a minor detail and it's right in front of my face so any help would be appreciated.
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