Gmail is not responding to my settings...

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    ...I placed this question in an existing thread concerning Gmail, but got no reaction, so I'm starting a new thread:

    In general, I wonder about the correlation between the Gmail setting on my Mac, and those on my phone?... Some of them overlap...

    1. How do I tell my phone to delete emails which are older than, say 1 day? I set the "days of mail to sync" to ONE DAY, but the list of emails on my phone goes back to June 4th... When opening my Gmail on my Mac the list goes back only to June 18, 2 days ago. I'm not even sure where I told Gmail on my Mac to delete older emails...

    2. My Gmail setting on my Mac indicate "Conversation view off" (sets whether emails of the same topic are grouped together).
    Yet Gmail keeps the email grouped by conversations. It would be convenient to leave it on, but the problem is, when opening Gmail on my phone it doesn't show the LATEST email I got in a certain conversation... When first opening the Gmail list of incoming emails I can see the number of conversations next to the names of people involved in the conversation, and next to it shows the time of the latest incoming email — but when opening it, it does not always show the latest email on the top, and I have to tap on it several times to reveal the latest email... So I'd rather not have it in "Conversation view"... But then I can't turn it off...
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