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    I have only had my droid 2 phone since Oct. We are going on a 2 week cruise in 2 weeks. I have unlimited data package on my phone currently and was told to get the global package added ($64/month - but can be started and stopped for the duration of the cruise). It is my understanding with this package that internet and email can be used unlimited. Text messages are 50 cents to send and 5 cents to receive. Phone usage ranges from $.99/minute to $2.99 minute. The Princess ship uses CDMA as well as half the ports we will be visiting. The other ports use GSM. Verizon offers a global droid 2 phone for free as a rental and you pay only $9.99 for shipping if you want one to work in all the ports. However, insurance is not available for this phone and if it is not returned or is damaged, you are charged $199. (I don't think we will do this option).
    We hope to keep in contact primarily with email as we have a 18 yr. old dtr at home and my husband has ill relatives we want to keep check on. The ship offers internet for a fee on their computers or your own computer. Their phone charges are $7./minute. I called Princess and Verizon and both confirmed there would be no additional charges for internet on the global plan from the ship as it goes through the maritime phone company that services the ship. I do not know how reception will be and am interested if anyone has experience and can comment on that. We think we will just not plan to use our phone in the GSM ports or else get a phone card while we are there. On the boards here and on cruise critics, there seems to be a range of people saying this plan worked very well and had no additional hidden charges to people saying, turn your phone off or you will sorry for the large bill when you get back. Is there anyone who can say from experience how this type of plan worked for you? Thanks in advance!