Gingerbread music playback problem

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    After I updated to Gingerbread my phone started misbehaving when playing audio. I've had problems in both the stock Music app and the Google Listen podcast app where it randomly stops playback. It seems to happen after I have been listening to something for a hour or so. I am using a headset when it happens. I've tired both a set of 1st gen iPhone earbuds and a Blackberry OEM Stereo Headset. They aren't anything fancy, they have a play/pause button and a mic and terminate to a 3.5mm plug.

    This would happen back with froyo every now and then but it was always after I bumped into the headphone jack while moving it or walking. After the gingerbread update it will now happen even when it's sitting on my desk not being touched.

    Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it? Any advice will be appreciated.
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