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    I've tried using the search feature, but it REALLY sucks on this forum; I got all kinds of hits for things that weren't related. Google searching found a similar problem, but no resolution was in it.

    I'm reading through the instructions and there are some things that aren't clear to me. I didn't see that it states where to place files for rooting. I have all the files from that thunderbolt.rar archive sitting in a folder on my desktop along with the rooter.exe. I also have the same files, sans rooter.exe, on the root of my SD card. I'm not sure if I have them in the right location.

    I click Step 1 on Easy Rooter. First screen seems to go okay, but the "pushing files" part is done in a flash and my phone never reboots. I haven't been able to find a solution to the no-reboot problem and I suspect I may have done something wrong. Running the rooter.exe as Administrator has not changed my outcome.

    Anybody have advice?

    Thanks much!

    Edit: I do have USB debugging on, have tried rebooting my phone, and have Fast Boot disabled.
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