Getting Past Initial Activation w/o TouchScreen???

Discussion in 'LG Ally' started by TheInspirePrompt, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Ok, so i fell in a pool at work, my phone was soaked. i put it in a large bag of rice to absorb the moisture.. was left for 24 hours & ping.. the phone turns on, & works... but not touchscreen. feeling good that a hard reset will probably bring it on back to life, so i execute the factory setting (without backing stupid) now i am brought to the intial touch andriod to begin screen with no way to proceed... after some more tinkering & research i have tryd the ##778 option & another.. & i am unable to place in demo mode & then register it with the qwerty KB because of the shot touch screen..


    If i could get through the activation without the touchscreen i could register from within & have complete use except the use of the n the closed position really
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