Get the Jelly bean version of the Market on any phone...NOW

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    Download: New Google Play Store Version 3.7.11 With Magazines and TV Shows – Droid Life

    Fully functional on my ICS-equipped HTC Rezound...presumably will work with GB devices too.

    I bought Popular Science on it...the magazine app (separate download, but it prompts you for it automatically) is fast as fluid on my phone. It seems to display basically like a PDF, but the redraw is very fast, as is the image scaling. These are not "online versions"...this is the actual print version scanned in high res page by page. The nterface is gesture based and very intuitive.

    Oh yeah...and it was 99 cents an issue. Compared to $8+ at news stands. Nice. Presumably, you can access this from any device with your account on it (tablet, phone ect..) but I have not tested it.
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