Get Random With Rando: A Unique Photosharing App

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    I have a lot of respect for people who can pull off a compelling service or product and maintain simplicity. Rando is a photosharing app that eats a red mushroom of simplicity, taking things to the next level. The real question is, does it take things too far? Does it give up interactivity that can make it a compelling product for the sake of being stark? Read on. Read on.
    So the premise of Rando is incredibly simple. You take a photo, and that photo is randomly shared with some other Rando user, somewhere in the world. There are no friends. There are no likes, plus ones, shares, or upvotes. There aren’t even public facing accounts. The picture goes once you push it and shortly thereafter a random picture comes sliding in on your device. I think this sounds really cool and the interface is dead simple.

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