Gear Navigator Standalone App For Gear S

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    $2.99 might sound like a bunch for an app for many but this one truly utilizes the Ss capabilities for independent data network and standalone GPS . As a tethered to the phone app it kinda sucks because it's memory intensive and the Bluetooth connection can't transfer data fast enough to keep it from time out error messaging but over Wi-Fi or data connection using the watch's GPS it found my brothers house and mine in under a minute and had my route mapped and ready to go. It has "night mode" which I have it set to for ease of seeing both inside or out, different travel methods (bicycle, walk, drive) as well as avoid options. Traffic alerts are also possible.
    Here's some screen shots of it in action. I haven't tried the turn by turn notifications thing yet , gonna see how it'll navigate me my daughter's school in the morning but it is yet another reason I can leave my phone at home.

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