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    This review reflects my personal experiences and may not reflect the views of others.

    This past Friday I picked up a gear fit from Best Buy and was able to pair it to my nexus 5 ( thanks to some tinkering and internet guides.

    First the positives: The display is awesome especially for the size. I feel like as a smart watch it does its job flawlessly. Everything from telling time, controlling my music player (google play music), checking my notifications, and stop watch was awesome. It really got me excited about the future of wearables. Unfortunately the use as a fitness band is where it falls off. The heart rate monitor is very poor and for me that was the reason I bought it. I wanted a fitness watch with the ability to do the things that Samsung gear offered, but it just seemed to come up short. At the current price point I would not recommend the device to those relying on it for fitness and if you just wanting a smart watch I would suggest waiting a month or two to see what the market will offer. I just feel that $199 is too much money for basically a limited smart watch that really only works with Samsung devices and services. Now if on a black friday sale if the price was to drop to $79 I would jump on it in a heart beat if I wanted a samsung gear device that worked with my phone. But then again by then we will have more choices in wearables that does a better job with integrating with a greater variety of fitness app.

    Verdict: Works perfectly as a smart watch but at this point it is too limited especially with what we know is coming over the horizon. I could not see recommending any one to buy the device.
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