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    Gear Fit Messages - Android Apps on Google Play
    If you're one of the few here with a Gear Fit here's an app you might just be interested in. We smartwatch owners can all get text message notifications and some can even reply or initiate one but on the little screen of the Fit the tap tap tap on a super tiny keyboard was cumbersome at best, even with this app in the past. Today there was an update that added T9 (you guys remember T9 right?) ability for its built in keyboard as well as the last update adding canned replies ability. Well with todays update you can customize your canned replies easier as well as add your own words to their T9 dictionary or remove ones you don't want. Loading got a bunch faster as well. What used to take me about a minute to reply on the watch now takes about half that and I'm sure if I used it more than occasionally I'd be faster than that.
    Yes the Fit might have been abandoned by Samsung but some of its aftermarket developers haven't folded up shop, took their money and run.
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    Just commenting here to find this easier. Bought the wife a fit today for Christmas & I know I'll need some of your old threads for reference. ;)

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