GDE themes and slight bogging down

Discussion in 'Android Applications Discussions' started by RTracer, Dec 12, 2009.

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    Hi all
    After reading many posts I decided to move to GDE as my home and I couldnt be happier. IMO, it makes a really cool Droid even cooler.
    I am amazed at how smooth and OEM it feels.

    I also went ahead and downloaded the HTC HERO theme for GDE as I really like the bottom button)or soft keys look it has.

    After a day or so of using the HTC theme, I just went back to the stock GDE theme as I noticed it seemed to bog the home system down a tad at times. Also unfortunately the bottom button strip isnt HD and a tad fuzzy.

    Anyone know of any other themes that will get me similar botton soft keys that are similar in appearance to the ones in the HTC theme?