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GB calendar issues (still)

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM D2' started by dankarlinski, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. dankarlinski

    dankarlinski Guest

    Brought this up in release 0.4 I believe it was, but it still seems to exist...

    When on LGB, I noticed my calendar events are all screwed up... sometimes they go off late, sometimes they don't go off at all. I flashed it 2 days ago, and I have a calendar nitification to go off at 440 am (20 mins before I start work). It did not go off until 6:18am. I have a few notif. Thru the day for meetings and such here. 1 of those did not go off at all, 1 went off 35 minutes after the meeting ended, and 1 went off 22 minutes before I should have been notifided.

    I did a clean wipe of data/dalvik/cache before install (as I always do).

    I have not had this issue on any other rom or on the stock roms either. (Froyo and GB roms)

    This is a real dealbreaker for me. :( I had to go back to apex for the time being..

    Anyone have insight?

    Also, I am in illinois, so we are central time (-6:00). In google calendar (web interface / outlook sync) it shows -6:00, but on all android phones, froyo or gb, it shows central time as -5:00... this cannot be an issue since it shows this on all roms, but I'm just curious

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