Gaudi Bruno App – A Story about learning to appreciate diversity

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    Hi Everyone,

    Is your child having a tough time reading a moral story? Then look no further, Gaudi Bruno is the app you need.

    Gaudi Bruno is a fast-paced, exciting and interactive storybook... a beautiful introduction into nature, friendships and discovery. Unlike physical storybooks, Gaudi Bruno is fabulously interactive, allowing your child to feel as if they are exploring the world with Bruno, not just watching him.

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    Other features:

    •Over 100 animation effects, numerous controlled by the user
    •Over 50 sounds that play throughout the storybook
    •Lovable characters in a lovable story
    •Soundtrack featuring four original tunes
    •Suitable for younger and older children, no matter of their reading ability.
    •Interactive games are scattered throughout the story

    "Gaudi Bruno"is also available in Spanish and Italian - and you’re able to switch languages within the application.