Gamestick Up for Pre-order Now; Lock-in Yours for $79

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    It looks like 2013 will be the year of the inexpensive Android gaming console. With the OUYA expected to launch in June, the other super-cheap competitor to them, the Gamestick just went up for pre-order. It remains to be seen just how well it will compete with the OUYA, and they haven't released any launch date details, but we must admit it is an intriguing device. Plus, market pressure will only serve to make other consoles better which is a win-win for consumers. Here's the official press release about the preorder, along with a link below if you want to sign up.

    GameStick launches pre-order service ahead of global retail launch.

    Santa Clara, CA, Las Vegas, NV and London. UK – Friday 15th February, 2013.
    Hot off the back of its recent Kickstarter success, PlayJam, the company behind
    GameStick – the world's most portable TV games console - today launched a pre-
    order service via its website Game Stick.

    Powered by Amazon, the service enables anyone who missed out on the opportunity
    to get their hands on a GameStick during the Kickstarter campaign to jump the
    queue ahead of a global retail launch in a few months time. Pre-ordered devices
    will ship immediately after fulfillment of the initial Kickstarter run in April and will
    maintain the $79 price point.

    "January was a pivotal month for GameStick with the success of the campaign
    ensuring that we could bring the device to life." Said Anthony Johnson, CMO
    PlayJam, "Since the campaign closed, we have received thousands of e-mails from
    individuals keen to ensure they remain one of the first to receive the product. By
    continuing to offer GameStick on pre-order, we will be able to maintain momentum
    ahead of our planned retail activity".

    The standard GameStick bundle is listed at $79 with a case and dock supporting a
    wide range of peripheral devices are listed at $9.99 and $24.99 respectively.​

    Source: Gamestick