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    So as most of us read quite awhile back, Epic Games stated the reason why they changed their minds about releasing their mobile games based on the Unreal 3 engine, on android, was due to "Fragmentation" which I get but....its getting to the point where even the low end android phones have at least 1Ghz Processors and 512mb of ram and onboard GPUs, which the iPhone 4 and 4th Gen iPod touch only have 1Ghz A4 processors and 512mb of ram. So most android phones meet or beat that and therefore would be able to run games like RAGE. I know the Droid X is as powerful if not more so, then the iPhone 4. And so it would run RAGE no problem. And they already have certain games on android that they release that wont work on some phones. So they could do the same thing with their Unreal 3 based games and just allow them to only be downloaded on phones that meet the requirements. Just like the tegra 2 optimized games. They only allow you to download them if you have the proper hardware they have no issues with providing a consistent quality experience with their games. I've seen videos of Unreal 3 being run on Android and it ran beautifully. So I think their reasons of fragmentation, saying that due to that reason they feel they would not be able to deliver a consistent gaming experience on the android platform, is untrue. Obviously of your still running a G1 or like an LG Ally, then ya you won't be able to run it, but the standard of android phones, like I said, is quickly becoming at least as good as the iPhone 4's hardware. So they should release RAGE and other Unreal 3 based games for us. I have a 4th Gen ipod touch so I those games regardless but I want them on my android phone as well. And isn't there already a game or two in the market place that is built on the Unreal 3 engine? I'm pretty sure I saw one or two. I believe it was dungeon defenders or something like that. So what do you guys think. DISCUSS......

    And yes I know this is old news but like I said the standard of the average android phones hardware has changed since then so this is valid to bring up again, & I think they should rethink there standpoint on releasing their games on android. I don't know how many of you have a 4th Gen ipod like me and have had the chance to play rage or even just played on a friends, but its an amazingly fun and beautiful looking game and is android users deserve those kind of quality games. Especially since android is becoming the most popular mobile platform and thus it would be smart for them to release their games for android therefore expanding their user base and increasing their revenue stream

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