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    1.I have a Galaxy S3 has been over two months. Bought it in a store in Israel and got VODAFONE company's rom and i still with that rom and I updated to the version added the app flipboard and the option to change the brightness from the notification. I use Samsung's TOUCHWIZ After trying the apex launcher and the nova prime but all have the same problem including in TOUCHWIZ: When I go into applications and games and applications have an issue where files and applications, including all menu takes a long time to recharge. I realized that the problem call redraw could not find a solution. I read the weather widget Samsung's causing the problem and removed it and the problem a little better but still not quite.
    Is there something completely solve the problem? My version now is I9300BULG2.
    2. When will i get the Jelly bean update? I don't want to change my rom or to do root.
    3. When I recharging phone in battery settings I noticed that phone battery charging is via USB. Is this normal?
    4.I did updates for some applications in the play store and when I tried to install them I had a message there is not enough storage space available and even though I Used 10.86 GB of 11.35 GB and I have a 8GB memory card. What should I do?
    5. I downloaded some software from the samsung apps store and after I tried to install there was a message that the installation failed. Is it because I do not have enough space?

    Thank you !