Gameboid & .ZIP help w/ motodroid

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    Ok, first off I HAVE read like 12 peoples' step-by-steps for gameboid, so directing me to any general one will probably not help me.

    I have gameboid lite on my moto droid, the gba_bios.bin on my SD (rooted), and multiple different roms (that i actually do own the cartridge versions of, but thats beside the point).

    When I run gameboid lite, I can select the bios and it will accept/load it however when I selected the .zip of a rom, it will say "load rom failed. try another rom." - or something like that.

    using Linda filemanager or androzip, if i try to extract the .gba file (that should be in the .zip....) they both either fail (when directly telling them to extract), or when viewing the archive, show nothing.

    Further I have read about a program called 'download crutch' (I think thats the name), is it absolutely necessary? so far as i've found this is not on the market and therefore I need to go through the browser -> web to find it?

    Thanks for the help,
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