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    Kiln is a progressive motion-controlled brick breaker game by BleatBleat available for Android phones. It features 84 levels, which start very basic, and move through levels that scroll, feature multiple paddles, are in 3D and more. It has featured positive reviews from Indie Games Magazine and Bordersdown.net (the reviews can be googled - note however that since both reviews a Game Save option has been added at game over (press the yellow game save button in the top right of the screen) to allow easier progression through the game). Indie Games Magazine also listed it in their top mobile arcade games of 2012.

    Development of the game was started on a Motorola Defy, and that was the device that was taken as the minimum spec. The game has been optimised to ensure all later levels are playable on this device (the development phone was running the LauncherPro launcher - and to play the later levels applications that were open in the background that were using extra memory (such as the browser, Google Maps) had to be killed to keep it playable).

    Kiln is currently $0.99, and there is no plan for a demo, as the game is one that tries to introduce new ideas through its course, and this would not fit in with a demo that would have to show the later levels to really impress. However BleatBleat currrently has a policy for Android that gives a no-quibbles refund within 4 days if you don't want/like the game for whatever reason.

    The promo video can be seen here:

    Please note :
    - The game features no in-game music, the music on the promo video is not included in the game
    - The game flashes the screen quite a bit at times (such as at 1:05 in the promo vid)

    (requires no permissions beyond preventing phone/tablet going to sleep)

    If you like the game, please leave a rating on the Google Market, or post below.

    All the best,
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