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    All, I have been working on my off time for a while on my first project, and have recently posted it to the market. I would appreciate any feedback, or areas to improve prior to starting another project.



    A.S.W. (Anti-Submarine Warfare): In A.S.W. the goal is simple, bomb the sub; however, rows of coins are floating in the water, obstructing your shot. Adjust your plane speed using the throttle to strategically place your bombs to arrange coins in rows of 3 and more, or to successfully place your bomb through the gaps to hit the sub. The coins remaining when the sub is sunk scores X2.

    Game includes local and on-line (weekly) high scores

    Available Power-ups include:

    • Increased Bomb Depth
    • Active Sonar
    • Exploding Rows
    • Extra bombs
    Paid version removes ads, and increases starting bombs quantities from 20 to 30.

    • Permissions “Internet” and “Access Network Stateare required for Ads (free version) and on-line high scores.
    • Use of HOME button will allow you to exit and resume the game provided any installed application killers/battery savers (e.g. Juice Defender) does not kill the game.
    • Level one is a training level, and will always have an unlimited number of bombs.

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