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    Crazy Birds Saga
    ★ Please try this thrilling and super addictive birds matching game today !★
    A super addictive and challenging matching puzzle game that you need to drag the birds
    across blocks to match 3 or 4 or 5 of the same color vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
    If you form the line with enough same color birds, the birds will disappear and you have a chance to move, otherwise different color birds will be added to the board randomly.
    6 levels 96 sub_levels
    ☆ Level 3x3 is basic.
    ☆ Level 3x4 is challenging.
    ☆ Level 4x4 is more challenging.
    ☆ Level 5x4 is more and more challenging.
    ☆ Level 6x4 is more and more and more challenging.
    ☆ Level 6x5 is most challenging, mission impossible.
    Move to next level
    Every level has a target lines, match the same color birds to meet the target lines.
    At the same time try to get enough stars. More stars, more magics bonus.

    Download it here from Play Store
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    Cool game that's fun to play through. Starts pretty easy but gets more challenging on the way.
  3. edith

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    Extraordinary extraordinary and fun game that will definitely entertain you
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    Good luck with your game buddy :)

    November/December will my HTC One M8 arrive !
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    thanks, have a good day.

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    Best of luck with your new game. :)

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