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    I was running metickmod frg83 and did a full wipe and fresh install of gimpsource 3.1. I setup the phone and flashed the gimpybread theme. After running into kernel issues I did a full wipe and restored my metickmod backup.

    Upon the restore I went to fix the lockscreen background for my goto lockscreen app. When the gallery loaded it displays pictures and videos but with incorrect thumbnails. If you select a thumbnail it will start loading one pic but eventually load the "real" one. Also it is displaying some pics that aren't even in the folders it says they are in.

    To remedy this I tried force stoping gallery, clearing its data and rebooting. I also rebooted into recovery and cleared the cache. This did nothing.

    I also tried flashing other backups to only get the same problem.

    In astro file manager I noticed I have the sd card folder in 2 locations. One where it should be and one in a folder called "mnt". Both are exact duplicates. I've never noticed this before, am I blind or could this be part of the issue?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Heck ill donate to any dev who can fix this for me and clear my confusion!


    Problem was resolved by locating the galleries cache folder in sdcard/android/data and deleting it aswell as the .thumbnails folder in sdcard/dcim ... then rebooting to recovery and clearing the cache.

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