Galaxy S8+ With 6GB RAM Is Now Available

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, May 13, 2017.

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    The Galaxy S8+ variant with 6GB of RAM is now available for purchase. It just released in Hong Kong. This variant also comes with 128GB of on board storage. Don't expect this version to land in the US soon if ever. It is only being sold in a few specific markets. The 6GB version of the S8 and S8+ are being sold for $820 and $898 respectively. Those who order now will have a ship date of May 25th. The good news is that this variant should be unlocked so you could use it outside of Hong Kong. The only differentiater in this variant is the RAM. Everything else is the same as the US versions of the phones. If you feel like dealing with the hassle of importing a phone from Hong Kong you could enjoy that extra 2GB of RAM.

    via SamMobile

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    From what you describe you get the extra ram plus double the storage in 128gb for basically what I pay for 4 gb and 64 gb variant in USA. That is always harsh that powers that be in America never want to give you the top of the line because the money is not in the disease its in the cure. They give you incremental updates every year and hope you buy into it. And its unlocked to boot.