Galaxy S5 SafeStrap After The Lollipop Update

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    One of the biggest drawbacks to updating to the new BOA8 Lollipop OTA update for the Verizon Galaxy S5 is that you lose SafeStrap functionality. There is actually a way to use Safestrap after the update. It is a pretty annoying process, but it can be done. While we are proud of Hashcode for moving on to bigger and better things we sure do miss him when big updates like this come out that render his latest SafeStrap useless.

    To use SafeStrap on Lollipop you will actually just need to Odin the NI2_Stock_Kernel_for_Safestrap file. Then you can boot into Safestrap, flash whatever you need to, and then you would just need to remember to flash the BOA8 kernel again. This is a pretty quick and simple workaround. Maybe one day soon Hashcode will pop his head in and get a quick fix put together to give us fully working Safestrap on Lollipop. Grab the kernels needed in the thread below

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