Galaxy S2 doesn't "fakes" charge

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    I have this super anoying problem.
    Sometimes when I wake up after a tight night of sleep my S2 is showing 100% battery, then I unplug and it's down to 25%

    I use the app "Battery Monitor Widget" and it tells me that today, for example, the phone was plugged in at 0.17.42 when I went to bed.
    The graph then says it has been leaking juice from 42% - 33% untill 06.07.42 and the magically gone to 100%.
    During that period the phone have used up about 153mA at 3766mV

    Now; At 9.27.42 I unplugged the charger and it fell down from 100% to 30% :blink:
    The phone also went from using 153mA to using 74mA (right now it actually tells me I'm using -100mA

    On a second note; Sometimes when i plug in a charger it DRAINS the battery. I plug it in at 60% and 30 minutes later I have 15% battery time.

    I have had this problem for a long time, both original OS and the flashed Siyah-rom.
    Once I put water in the USB so I have had it replaced without any luck, same problem.

    I have 3 batteries; 1 Samsung original 2000mA battery right now, brand new
    1 original Samsung battery 1650mA, came with the phone over 2 years ago
    1 thick 3rd party bettery 3500mA, about a year old.
    All 3 of them have the same problem.

    Please help me out if you know whts wrong!
    Thank you!

    (Sorry about the rough language skills, English is not my native tongue)
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