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    When KIESS is open on my PC and linked by WiFi to any one of our Samsung S2 4G phones -- the phone name, in KIESS window, is always the model number "GT-i19210T"
    When I hover over the name, mouse pointer turns into a "link" pointer hand, with a callout "Home"
    RClick (context menu > View Selection Source

    opens a text editor with ...
    Link" >Connected to <a title="Home" href="javascript:;" id="appsPart" class="noText headLeftItem active" onclick="normalizeLeftClickHandler();">GT-I9210T</a></div>
    I suspect this code cannot be altered. I am not brave enough to change the "GT-I9210T" string to a preferred name
    Last thing I want to do is brick the phone.
    Our phones are NOT rooted

    Can I change the name of my phone, because we have several Galaxy S2 4G phone phone using KIESS -- and they all show "GT-I9210T" the model number.?
    I cannot find a way of changing each phones name -- I vaguely recall reading that only rooted phones can be name-changed (?)
    Or can I change the phone name directly on the phone ?

    Would appreciate any help :)
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