Galaxy Note 3 Unbrick A Hard Brick! Never Worry About Bricking Your Device.

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    We have all been there before. The moment when your throat sinks into your stomach and your heart feels like it is beating out of your chest. You begin to verbally abuse yourself, and ask how you could have been so stupid. You won't let it go. You knew that file was shady, but your flashing addiction got the best of you and now you are stuck with a $700 BRICK!

    Ok Ive never bricked a $700 device so badly that I couldn't recover it. However I did hardbrick one of my favorite tablets ever, my Transformer Prime. I had spent $400 on the tablet and keyboard and after about 8 months of owning the device I flashed an unapproved version of twrp that had been officially released through the GooManager app. I trusted goomanager and didn't think they would host a file that would render my tablet useless. I ended up with a device that was Hard Bricked.

    There is a difference between a hard and soft brick. A soft brick basically means that you can't boot into Android, but you can boot into recovery or fastboot/odin mode. Normally a softbrick will land you in a bootloop. This kind of brick has traditionally been pretty easily recoverable. A HardBrick on the other hand is a different beast altogether. If you have a HardBrick your device won't boot, won't charge, won't boot to recovery or fastboot/odin, wont boot past a bootscreen, basically D.E.A.D. Normally if your device was in this state your best bet would be to sell it on Ebay for parts. Thanks to the developer responsible for the Note 3 root method, "designgears" and "shabbypenguins" we now have a method of hardbrick recovery for the Note3. This does require a micro sdcard, micro sdcard reader, and Linux and is not meant for the faint of heart. Head to the link below for full details.

    Via XDA
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