Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1 AOKP Missing default Music app

Discussion in 'Galaxy Nexus Development' started by indee2025, Oct 3, 2012.

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    I recently picked up a Galaxy Nexus

    It's rooted with AOKP rom but it is not being used for the UI, I'm utilizing the stock UI from Jelly Bean

    I can't find the default Music App like you would have seen in gingerbread (blue & grey speaker icon) that was just a simple music player...Also the video player is missing...

    They only ones I can find are the Google Music from the library or the Play Store and I DO NOT WANT that Google music app

    Any specific reason for the absence of the default music app? I'm thinking of just finding the .apk for the basic music player online and installing that one again...any ideas?

    Was the default music app left out of jelly bean in favor of google music (cloud service)?
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