G.Nexus Desktop Dock Alternatives?

Discussion in 'Galaxy Nexus Accessories' started by Magnious, Dec 25, 2011.

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    I just got my Galaxy Nexus for Christmas. I was using the ezestand for my Droid2. However, now I have the Galaxy Nexus!!! Since there isn't any actual Desktop stands that I can get at a reasonable price (besides shipping from EU, which shipping costs alone make it too high), will the ezestand work ok with my Galaxy Nexus? It has magnets to put the Droid Branded phones into Dock mode (There is no Dock Mode that can be activated with Magnets on the Galaxy Nexus, but there is a "Clock" app that acts like a dock mode), will those magnets interfere with the hardware inside of my G.Nexus? Is this the only alternative, or are there others that I haven't stumbled upon yet?

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