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    Okay, first I am running AT&T, no problems. Until a day ago. The important apps are the Phone settings (logs, dialer, mainly REJECT list). and I have CALL DETECTOR installed (works great). Well, Call detector does pick up SPAM calls, unknown calls, etc., great. It advises you whether to block or answer, or you decide. Anyway there was a certain spam number calling and Call Detector DID block it and I thought, heck might as well put it on the Call Reject list also. So I did. Well, I tried going into phone settings, didn't work, tried texting, didn't work, keyboard wouldn't come up, my apps, could get into them and that was it. So, at first I did a factory reset, that was yesterday. Today, I did the same thing added this spam number onto my reject list and guess what, once again phone did not work. So, knowing that was the most recent thing I did, I removed it from the Call reject list, left the number in CALL Detector and phone works perfect again. Why the 2 have a problem together I don't know. But I know for a fact now never to use AT&T Call Reject list with any app that also rejects Calls. Seems it semi freezes the phone.
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