Funny Easter Eggs Found in Honeycomb SDK

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    For anyone who likes finding 'easter eggs' in games, movie, or any other content where you might find such things, the Android Developers show off their sense of humor in the newest Honeycomb SDK. One of the Android developer's, Roman Nurik, lead off with a twitter post that was the first of the 'easter eggs' itself. His Tweet was android.widget.AdapterViewAnimator.fyiWillBeAdvancedByHostKThx(). This got the ball rolling for people to start snooping through the developer docs and several others were found, including a Tron-themed Honeycomb logo (pictured above).

    Funny stuff! This follows in the tradition of past easter eggs found in the Froyo SDK where they added a function called wtf() (What a Terrible Failure) and an even more hilarious isUserAMonkey() that returns true if the user interface is currently being messed with. Any developer's out there care to find a few more for us? plzPostemIntheForumsASAPmkthx. (yeah... I know that's a groaner.)

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