Fruit Samurai - A fruit ninja clone

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    I was in the market today looking for a good fruit ninja clone. Tried a couple and found that the best one is named "Fruit Samurai". Its a pretty fun game and currently i'm setting in the 300's on the highscore board, I'll make a dash at the top position on my way home from work later.

    Here's a couple of screenshots from the developer's site:



    at the developer's site (Fruit Samurai | Slash Your Way to Victory!), his video shows that he wrote this on a Verizon droid so naturally it ran on my droid without problems. However its kinda slow when I tried it on my brother's Eris.

    You can get more info about kool game this on the developer's site. And for those of you who are lazy, here's the QR code:

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