Froyo; whats new? post your findings.

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    I haven't seen a thread like this yet. DO NOT POST QUESTIONS in this thread.
    For questions use this thread for non-root. or search the hacking forum for Froyo root help.

    This thread is for posting findings ONLY.

    Please also note that this OS is BETA! Some things will be added and some may be taken away for the final release.

    Things I have noticed:

    1. On the launcher long press on the middle launcher button (between the phone icon and the globe) and this will bring up a "card style" presentation of your home screens.

    2. The screen will now rotate in all directions.

    3. Menu--->Settings--->Location and Security will now give the option of number or also password based lock screen in addition to the pattern.

    4. The "application switcher" (holding down the home button) now shows 8 apps instead of 6

    5. In the call log, calls are grouped by contact with a drop down menu that lists history. (no longer will your call log be filled with 20 calls from the same contact)This is one that always bugged me coming from a blackberry.
    Is there anything you have found?
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