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Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by budmonster, Jun 8, 2010.

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    With all the Froyo activity going on, there seems to be a new release or update everyday. New builds, roms, basebands, etc are being put out everyday, its hard to follow and keep up to date with what's most current. I was wondering if anyone could make a thread with all the latest info so people can have a one spot stop to check out the latest Froyo info. For ex; I was going to update to 2.2 today then all of a sudden I see a new baseband has been released. I'm going crazy! I think a sticky thread would save people a lot of time and cut down on the repetitive postings.

    If there is already a thread out there like this please let me know.

    Thx -BUD
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    There needs to be version numbers on all the threads, or at least release dates to keep up with discussions about the leaked roms.
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    Yeah, there has to be something put together, it's getting out of hand. Every page has at least 10 Froyo threads, I don't know which one to follow. We have info coming in from Alldroid, DroidForums and MyDroidWorld. That's a lot of damn information to sort through. One sticky thread with all the info could stop all of that.