Frequency of Milestone Bugs/Issues

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    Hi, I was thinking about getting a Motorola Milestone for use on At&t because they have no, good, android phones. I have heard many complaints (atleast in 2.1) about the Milestone and I was curious how often these software bugs occur on the Milestone. I hope that all these problems get fixed for all milestones in a future software update (FROYO?) or once the bootloader is fully unlocked and public a ROM to come out and fix all the bugs.

    I am also wondering what bugs you are experiencing if are experiencing any, I know that there are a lot of bug threads on motorola's support forum but its pretty bias, aka people saying "motorola sucks!!! never buying moto again!!", but this forum is a little less bias and I know i should have searched before but I already made this thread soo...
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