Freeze at white htc incredible screen

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    I'm running cm7 on my dinc with no problems. Love it! Although if I try to overclock past 1037 my phone will freeze and reboot. Not my problem though. I rooted a friends dinc and put cm7 on it just like mine, however, he tried to change roms (I'm not sure to what) and apparently didn't fully wipe. He was using ROM manager. The phone now freezes at the white htc incredible screen and goes no further. I bought the phone for a small fee thinking I could get it fixed. I haven't. I've tried downloading roms to the sd card (inserted directly to my laptop), then put in the dinc, loaded bootloader (can still access that at least), installed zip from sd, wiping everything, and still get the freeze upon boot. Do I need a specific ROM? I did a factory reset and restore, did that remove my root access and is what is preventing these roms from booting? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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