[FREE] What's the Word 2 - Absolutely fantastic brain teaser game for Android

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    Get your mind ready for the most popular and addictive free word game that will never stop entertaining you! Whats the Word 2 – 4 pictures, 1 word is here for all fans of brain teasers, puzzle games or word association games who are willing to exercise their brain and have lots of fun at the same time. What is the Word 2 is simple but a bit tricky at times - you're offered four images and you have to guess what they have in common. Wait no longer – download this great word find game that challenges your mind and really gets your brain thinking!

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    - Absolutely fantastic brain exerciser that questions your intelligence!
    - Guess the word and earn three coins for each level!
    - Get sufficient number of coins to use hints/cheats: remove and reveal letters!
    - Too difficult? Skip level (but no more than two times)!
    - Enjoy this extremely fun mind game for Android!

    Download this game @

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