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    Hello everyone,

    We found it was sometimes difficult to communicate in a loud voice:

    • Or the environment is too noisy: nightclub, concert...
    • Or the silence is requested: library, cinema, meeting...
    • Or we are shy: in the subway...
    • Or our partner is hard of hearing...

    What? Application will allow you simple and intuitive display
    your thoughts in full screen to your audience.

    Step 1:
    You enter a text or use the speech recognition (Using Voice
    Text to download if necessary)


    Step 2:
    You commit to using OK button or a smiley.

    The text is then displayed in full screen taking up all space.



    You could also use your previous typed messages:


    The free version has all functionnalities with a banner ad.

    The package name is com.what.oca
    QRCode :

    The donate version is free ad.

    The package name is com.what.oca.noads
    QRCode :

    We await your return with impatience:)

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