[FREE]The New Boston OFFICIAL Android App!

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    The Official "The New Boston" app is finally here!, you can watch your videos and learn on the GO!

    App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Thenewboston

    The Official "TheNewBoston" application.
    Videos in many categories for everyone at every level and grade from beginner to advanced.

    The New Boston is App is made to give everyone the opportunity to learn anything and everything possible in a fun and easy manner at their own pace. from hundreds of videos.

    • Adobe
    o After Effects
    o DreamWeaver
    o Flash
    o Photoshop
    o Premiere Pro

    • Computer Programming
    o AJAX
    o AJAX Chat Tutorial
    o Android Development
    o C
    o C#
    o C++
    o C++ GUI with Qt
    o Cocos 2D
    o Computer Game Development
    o iPhone Development
    o Java - Beginner
    o Java - Intermediate
    o Java - Game Development
    o Java - Game Development with Slick
    o JavaScript
    o jQuery
    o Objective-C
    o PHP
    o PHP Stock Market Analyze
    o Python
    o Ruby
    o Trading Website
    o Visual Basic
    o wxPython

    • Computer Science
    o 3Ds Max 2010
    o CSS3 Awesome Footer Tutorial
    o How to Build a Computer
    o HTML5
    o MySQL Database
    o Computer Networking
    o UDK
    o XHTML & CSS

    • Educational
    o Algebra
    o Basic Math
    o Biology
    o Chemistry
    o How to Make Beer
    o Introduction to Geometry
    o Geometry
    o Physics

    would really appreciate honest ratings and feedback.