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    Hey everyone. I pretty much love texting and wanted to make an app that would enhance my own and others' texting experiences. The result: SMS Contexter!

    What it does is it tries to detect the context of your sms messages and 'flag' them for you. 'Flagging' entails customizable text colors, backgrounds, icons, ringtones and notification lights per matching message.

    You can customize it in almost any way you want, just delve into the screens, click on things and voila. I think you'll have fun discovering what you can do with this app. Well suited to the creative-minded.

    Anyhow, the app is my first and I haven't received any feedback from anyone yet. I just know I use it all the time and find it's an awesome and fun way to text. Can't wait to hear back from users and start adding features etc to continue to build a kick-ass app!

    SMS Contexter
    Android only, minimum Android 3.0


    (Android only)

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