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    Super Security & Antivirus protects your Android mobile phones and tablets - from hackers, malware, virus, malicious link and so on. Check your Android phone/tablet and apps security settings and guide you to set your devices and apps properly in a safer configuration against hackers and malicious apps. Manual and automatic scan apps and updates on your Android phones and/or tablet and alert you about suspicious malicious app(s) no matter they are installed or installing.

    Detect suspicious apps based on attack scenarios or permissions app asked to discover all potential risky apps. URL opening warning to help you stay away from malicious URLs and social engineering hacks via various social network channels - including short message service (SMS), Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, etc. Expanding shortened URL to reveal real destination URL. Don’t need to guess what the shorten URL will lead you to anymore.

    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.supersecurity

    Super Security & Antivirus FEATURES:
    * Trendy attacks alerts and explanations
    * Phone and apps security setting checks
    * Scenario based suspicious apps detection
    * Permission based suspicious apps detection
    * URLs opening warning
    * Expanding shortened URL to reveal real destination URL
    * Based on Japanese News agent NHK, some Input Method Editors (IME) have been found that will send certain user inputs back to their server. In this update, A new feature for detecting the installed IME's Internet permission is added to the Scenario-Based Detection. It is suggested to check this IME's privacy policy or its publisher what this permission is used for, and what kind of data will be sent to the internet.

    *Malware is a general term for malicious software/app - including
    - Virus: may damage your devices & data
    - Spyware: may steal your data, such as contacts, photos
    - Trojan: may remote control your devices for their advantages
    - and more...and some may even combined different malicious features.

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